Every rep counts! Quality of movement cannot be underestimate, training using poor posture and body mechanics leads to ingraining dysfunctional movement patterns increasing the risk of injury. Our first priority is learning the proper movement patterns and shapes creating a solid foundation for strength training.

Free Fitness Assessment

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We all have had an unique experience when it comes to fitness! Some of us are current or former athletes, while some of us have taken a break from fitness to explore other endeavors & are deciding the time is right to hop back into the mix.

Regardless of your level of fitness one thing is true ... without a properly structured program muscles are more susceptible to becoming overactive (tight) or under active (weak) inevitably resulting in injury. A comprehensive approach for assessing movement is an integral component to building a program that supports proficient movement patterns.

More importantly, movement assessment is excellent at identifying structural deficiencies and providing feedback for improving functional movement. Let’s start moving with confidence!