Anthony Petty was shaped by his beloved city of Oakland, California. Born and raised in East Oakland, he was deeply influenced by his family and the neighborhood surrounding him. His love for sports from a young age lead him to a college football career before going into education professionally. He is currently a Mental Health Counselor at a local Alameda High School.  

 In 2014, an assembly about Type 2 diabetes and the effects of sugar on kids hit him like a bolt of lightning. He was deeply disturbed by the choices kids all around him were making and the lack of awareness the benefit of healthy living. Since then, Anthony has had a renewed sense of purpose. He wants kids in Oakland to know there’s another way. A way to be mindful of health and fitness. His mission is to educate and explore physical and mental limitations through movement.

Anthony founded Hub Fitness to make change. For both clients and community. His philosophy in training that begins with physical work but is rooted holistic in health. Anthony is a personal trainer certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine specializing in strength and flexibility and an active member in the NorCal Powerlifting Federation located in the San Francisco Bay Area.